Are you looking us? For Extravagantly ordinary worship?

June 4, 2015 | by: Steve Simmons | 0 comments

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Extravagantly ordinary worship

I know, extravagantly and ordinary seem to be words at war but here they are not. I Just want to make it clear that in a day of awesome, amazing, dope, authentic, cool, and even groovy* worship services that are filled with new, innovated, captivating, and inspiring things, (stop for a breath) that we have not failed to take note of the trends and so we have determined that our extravagance will be an extravagance of ordinary.
*(oops….did groovy make its way into a blog again…wonder when I was born?)

We are ordinary in our approach to worship. At no point do we labor to be impressive to visitors or those we wish to draw into our services. We are not trying to construct a service that non-believers would be satisfied with. Biblical worship will always be awkward to the lost and while we are delighted to have unbelievers in our worship services we realize that it will not connect with them unless our sovereign God gives life to their dead souls. We seek a worship of God that is attractive to God and we believe that that type of worship is the loveliest thing on earth to those who love God. We worship as we believe God would have us worship, as instructed by the Bible. And yes, YES!, we affirm that we do not have a corner on the market and we also realize that because of our own limits and depravity we have much room to grow…but our aim is to worship in a way consistent with the Bible’s teaching on worship. For a glance at what that looks like here at Fifth Street Presbyterian church you can check out Sunday’s order of service and a description of our worship that is also posted on our web site.

We are ordinary. You will not slip into our services and be surprised by a bunch of adults tossing a beach ball around to illustrate the passing of the gospel to others, and you won’t find that just because it is ridicules and goofy, though it is, you will not see such here because we don’t see it in the Bible.

Want to come to an ordinary service where the Bible is sung, prayed, and preached…join us at Fifth Street Presbyterian; we are right beside Tyler Jr. College. Our morning worship is at 11:00 a.m. and our evening service is at 5:00 p.m. We gather to make much of the ordinary means of grace being convinced that God delights in making much of those means as He works in and through the weak and foolish to confound that which is the wise and powerful of our day…you know, the groovy.

Ordinary to the rescue!

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